Tough on soda

31 May 2012

New York mayor Mike Bloomberg plans to abolish the sale of large cups or bottles of soda in the city.

It’s about the pancreases, stupid

9 Nov 2011

Maybe “We’re here for your water” is just one of those things that aliens like to say when they invade. It’s a big in-joke in the whole planetary invasion crowd.

The Kraken

10 Oct 2011

A paper presented to the Geological Society of America suggests an explanation for a puzzling accumulation of remains of prehistoric ichthyosaurs. The paper's authors speculate that the creatures were killed and eaten by a gigantic cephalopod that might have lived during the Triassic period.

The Glencore Letter

27 May 2011

Following the IPO of Glencore International AG, a major commodities trader, journalists have received a letter from Glencore's law firm, a company specializing in reputation management. The letter warns that the executives of Glencore are 'extremely private individuals' and advises journalists to be circumspect in their coverage of the company.

12 Days of Wikileaks

18 Dec 2010

The furore over the leaks site Wikileaks and its controversial founder, Julian Assange, continues.

Open-source restaurant

24 Feb 2010

The world's first 'open-source' restaurant has opened, allowing diners to get recipes for the dishes that they have eaten and even download plans for the furniture and fittings.

The Pirate Finder General

19 Nov 2009

The UK government is considering plans to modify the Digital Economy Bill to create a position for an individual described as 'the Pirate Finder General', with far-reaching powers to investigate and punish copyright violations online.

Near miss

10 Nov 2009

A previously-unknown asteroid passed within 14,000km of Earth, and was detected less than a day before reaching its point of closest approach.

Lord of the Flies

16 Oct 2009

Scientists have used lasers to create false memories of pain in fruit flies.