What is this website?
This is the Okapi Factor, a collection of random texts, outpourings and other frivolities. Most of them are reactions to news items. Some of them began life as comments posted to other websites before their author decided to repurpose them.
Why is it called the Okapi Factor?
No particular reason. It just seemed like a nice catchy name.
So there's no connection with the O'Reilly Factor?
Heavens, no.
And it's not about okapis?
Sadly not.
What is an okapi anyway?
According to Wikipedia, the okapi is a mammal native to the Ituri Rainforest. It has striped hindquarters and is a distant relative of the giraffe.
And what do okapis have to do with this site?
Absolutely nothing. Aside from the fact that the editorial board is composed of six okapis who review everything that gets posted.
You made that part up, didn't you?
Do you have striped hindquarters and a long flexible blue tongue?
I'd rather not say.
So who are you, anyway?
My name is Angus McIntyre, and you can find out more about me at raingod.com.