Pence used personal email for state business

The following emails sent by Governor Mike Pence were disclosed in response to an FOIA request.

"Dear AOL Support. My name is Governor Mike Pence. I recently noticed that I am still being billed for AOL, which I have not used since 1997. Please could you close my account and refund me for the unused months. Thanks, on behalf of the great state of Indiana. – Mike"

"Dear AOL Support. I wrote to you last month to ask you to close my account, but I have not heard back from you. I've just seen that I've been billed again. Please close my account now. – Mike Pence"

"Attn: AOL Support. I just saw your reply to my message, in which you say that you cannot refund me because I have recently used my account. I used my account to send YOU a message asking you to close my account. Please close the account now and do not bill me any more. – Mike Pence"

"Dear 'Robert' … if that is really your name … the reason that I did not complete the Account Closure Process in the 30 day period is because my modem was busy the entire time downloading twenty years worth of spam advertising 'tactical flashlights' and timeshares. In fact, I think it's still busy, and my nephew tells me that at 9600 baud (whatever that is) it may take until the early 2050s just to catch up with the backlog. I also wish to complain about some of the messages that have already successfully downloaded. I assure you that I have no interest in meeting any "hot gay bears for steamy sex hookups". Other messages – I am sure you know the ones I mean – refer to a strictly private matter that is between Mrs Pence and myself. Moreover, the Lord has given me the body that I have, according to his purposes, and it would be sinful of me to try to change it. I find it disturbing that AOL delivers this type of material to subscribers and I will be conferring with my advisors to see if anything can be done. Close my account. – Mike Pence."

"To Whom It May Concern. Please find attached the draft text of the 'Indiana Internet Practices Regulatory Bill'. Please pay special attention to subsection 47b, which specifies penalties of up to $500,000/day for any Internet service provider that fails to close the account of an elected public official when requested. This bill will become law very shortly; I recommend that you CLOSE MY ACCOUNT NOW to avoid heavy potential penalties. – Gov. Mike Pence."

"Just close my account. I never wanted it in the first place. My daughter set it up sometime in the mid 1990s because she said I needed to get on the Internet. I don't even know how it works. I've barely used it. Also, my carport is full of those goddamn CDs of yours. After you close my account, please send a U-Haul and two big guys to take them all away. Do that for me and we won't say any more about Subsection 47b or the money you've already billed me. Thanks, Mike Pence."

"Attention Internet Terrorists! Close my account, and stop billing me, or I will call out the Indiana National Guard. This is your last warning. – Governor Mike Pence."

"Dear AOL. It appears that I may have inadvertently clicked 'Reply' while reading an email message, and mistakenly ordered a product that I did not want. Is it possible for you to delete an email after it has been sent? The subject line of the message was "Doctor Humungo-Bull XXX the Stud Enhancer SPECIAL TRIAL OFFER", and it was sent to ''. I would be grateful if you could confirm that this message has been deleted. Also, the message may contain my credit card information, so I would like you to treat it as confidential. Thank you for your help – Mike Pence."