Libertarian children's books

Where in the world is John Galt?
A little libertarian has to look for the kindly Mr Galt in a world full of moochers and parasites.
The Keeping Tree
A tree that is in possession of valuable items such as apples and wood, which it has won by its own efforts, quite properly refuses to share any of them with a demanding and entitled child.
Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Socialists
Alexander's day is ruined by people who want to take his toys. He dreams of moving to Somalia.
Make Way for Capitalism
In this enduring children's classic, a mother duck and her ducklings are unable to cross the newly-widened interstate. A private security guard ensures that they stay right where they are instead of interfering with commerce by making traffic stop for them. Later, the duck pond is filled in to build a factory.
Dora the Exploiter
Little Dora demonstrates her entrepreneurial instincts and maximizes shareholder value (series).
How the Grinch Acquired Christmas in a Leveraged Buyout!
The enterprising Grinch successfully completes the acquisition of Christmas despite opposition from the indolent and frivolous inhabitants of nearby Whoville.
The Little Engine That Was Sold for Scrap because Shared Public Transport Systems are Inherently Socialistic
(see title)