Friends and neighbors

Shalom, Ehud - what'll it be today, you Zionist pig?

Salaam, Mohammed - give me twenty liters of your Jew-hating unleaded, please.

Shall I fill her up, o oppressor of the Palestinian peoples?

Sure, why not? All the way to the top, you misogynist gay-murdering anti-Semite.

So, anything special planned for this weekend, thou butcher of Muslim infants?

Oh, the usual. A little bit of gardening, some time with the kids. And how about you – planning any massacres?

No, nothing like that. I'm getting a little old for that kind of thing. I'll probably just take my grandson to the soccer match.

Nice. Well, I guess I have to be going. Good talking to you, you unreconstructed Persian Nazi.

And you. Please give my warmest greetings to your filthy whore of a wife.

Thank you. And mine to yours, you backward Koran-kissing peasant.

Drive safely now, Ehud. Oh, and burn in Hell when you reach your destination.